Mission, Vision, & Values

We are a purpose-driven company whose beliefs are the foundation for how we conduct business every day.


Our mission is to democratize e-commerce to ensure that everyone, regardless of their geographical location or economic background, has access to direct, convenient, and secure products and service to take control of their commercial lives. We strive to make bitcoin the universal currency for online transactions, ensuring privacy, efficiency, and accessibility for all, and fostering a community where commerce is a force for economic freedom and innovation. To achieve this, we are aligned across the company around one central vision: to make the movement and management of bitcoin for e-commerce transactions as simple, secure, and cost-effective as possible. As we democratize e-commerce services, we can enable the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of millions of people around the world.


Our Values

We live each day guided by our core values of Empowerment, Innovation, Integrity, and Community. Our values bind us as a team, keeping our customers central to everything we do - and they inspire us to take care of ourselves, support each other, and positively impact our communities.

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